Caryl Haxworth ~ Charms Of Light


Toxic Gemstones

Some gemstones contain metals or toxins. Below is a list of the better known toxic gemstones, but please be aware that this list is by no means complete.

If you wish to make a gem elixirs or essence from a known toxic gemstone, or you are unsure about a particular gemstone, only use the indirect method.


Amazonite ~ Amazonite contains Copper.

Angelite ~ Angelite will convert to Gypsum when immersed in water.

Aquamarine ~ Aquamarine contains Aluminium.

Azurite ~ Azurite contains Copper.

Black Tourmaline ~ Black Tourmaline contains Aluminium.

Boji Stones ~ Boji Stones contain Sulphur.

Celestite ~ Celestite contains Strontium.

Chrysocolla ~ Chrysocolla contains Copper.

Cinnabar ~ Cinnabar contains Mercury and Quicksilver.

Emerald~ Emerald contains Aluminium.

Fluorite ~ Fluorite contains Fluorine.

Garnet ~ Garnet (Almondine) contains Aluminium.

Hematite ~ Hematite (not toxic) will rust in water.

Iolite ~ Iolite contains Aluminium.

Labradorite ~ Labradorite contains Aluminium.

Lapis Lazuli ~ Lapis Lazuli has Pyrite inclusions which contain Sulphur.

Lepidolite ~ Lepidolite contains Aluminium.

Magnetite ~ Magnetite (not toxic) will rust in water.

Malachite ~ Malachite contains Copper.

Moonstone ~ Moonstone contains Aluminium.

Prehnite ~ Prehnite contains Aluminium.

Pyrite ~ Pyrite contains Sulphur.

Ruby ~ Ruby contains Aluminium.

Blue Sapphire ~ Sapphire contains Aluminium.

Selenite ~ Selenite (not toxic) has shards that can break off in water.

Serpentine ~ Serpentine contains Asbestos in its fibrous form.

Sodalite ~ Sodalite contains Aluminium.

Sugilite ~ Sugilite contains Aluminium.

Sunstone ~ Sunstone contains Aluminium.

Tiger Eye ~ Tiger Eye contains Asbestos in its fibrous form.

Topaz~ Topaz contains Aluminium.

Tourmaline ~ Tourmaline contains Aluminium.

Turquoise ~ Turquoise contains Aluminium and Copper.

Variscite ~ Variscite contains Aluminium.

Vesuvianite ~ Vesuvianite contains Aluminium.


The above-named stones are all safe to place on the body, or within the aura, to gain their healing effects.