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Testimonials for Healing Products

It is always lovely to hear from happy customers.  ~♥~


Bracelet arrived last week. Due to work only managed to collect it from the Post Office yesterday.
It's gorgeous and I am very happy!
Thank you so much for your attention and time, I can't wait to give my friend this lovely gift!
The whole experience from you had been second to none and I'll be recommending you to everyone!
Thank you so much :-)
G.S. - South Lanarkshire, UK

I did receive my Turquoise Pendant on Wed. July 18th. There are 3 things which determine the value of a thing: its monetary value, its aesthetic value and most importantly its spiritual value. This piece fulfills all 3 aspects amply! Thank You for your blessings.
E.C. - Massachusetts, USA

They just arrived and I'm so pleased with them, they are absolutely beautiful!
One of them was a gift for my mother. I let her pick which of the two intuitively and she held it in her hand and said wow, the bracelet is freezing cold (with the weather) but there's so much heat radiating from it. I hadn't told her you use reiki on them, but when I mentioned it, she was surprised. I held it afterwards and feel deep peace, still. Ahhh , it feels just like a reiki treatment.

Love & light
S.W. - East Sussex, UK

I received my earrings today and i am so pleased :-) they are absolutely Beautiful, Perfect. I cant Thank you enough x it's been really hard trying to find the perfect earrings for my wedding day. They will look Fabulous with my dress.
Thank You Once again
S.T. - Buckinghamshire, UK

Dear Caryl, the pendants.... The boys 'love' theirs, as I do, with all my heart. We wore them yesterday, and will do every day. S said to me " I like wearing this. I feel so different ".
I can honestly say, from all of us, that wearing these treasures will assist us all on our journeys. The courage, the protection, strength are so important. WE ARE NOW READY.....:) :) Caryl I thank you with all my heart XXXX
T.T. - Essex, UK

I have purchased several items from you before, both for myself and as gifts for a friend, and am never disappointed. Your jewelry is simply beautiful!
S.G. - Kent, UK

I received the two angel in yesterday's mail. They were beautiful. I am feeling better already since they have been in my possession. Thank you so much for the information which you included. I now have "5" crystal angel. I can already feel the healing power and positive energy. I will certainly be visiting your website again for additional stones. Just wanted to let you know they they did arrive.
Peace, blessing, prosperity, and good health to you and yours during this holiday season and throughout the year.
G.S. - North Carolina, USA

Thank you so much for making these for me the are both lovely and am looking forward to feeling the peace and tranquility from them especially in this stressful season. I also love the pink bracelets you have done beautiful.
Love and blessings
S.R. - Manchester, UK

I just received the necklace and what can i say. Its absolutely gorgeous. Its perfect and i know that she will love this, i can feel it just by looking at it.
I made the right choice:-).
Now i cant wait to give it to her. Its more perfect than i could even of imagined. No doubt at some point i will be back for more:-)
Thank you so much.
M.D. - Suffolk, UK

Thanks so much for your speedy response, Caryl!! Wouldn't you know it I received my jewelry this morning - law of attraction at its best :D Absolutely stunning!! The bracelet feels so luxurious and the magnetic necklace already has me feeling much better after only a couple hours of wearing it!! The quality is outstanding!! Thank you so very much & I can't wait to order my next piece :)
M.L. - Yona, Guam

The package arrived today! The two pendants (Blue Lace Agate & Chrysocolla) have amazingly powerful energy -- Wow! And they are beautiful as well. I can even feel something from the chain. Thank you for selecting it for me. I am very happy with all three items.

Have a great weekend,
P.S. - Wisconsin, USA

Presented my wife with the necklace yesterday for our anniversary. She really loves it.
She particularly likes the silver chain with the heart on the end so she can alter the length to suit the top she is wearing.
I keep earning brownie points with your help so many thanks for everything.
N.S. - Oxfordshire, UK

Pendant arrived safe and sound and is beautiful. Presented it to my friend last evening and she was delighted. So, many thanks for yet another successful gift-giving on my behalf.

Blessings to you and yours
V.M. - Surrey, UK

The Rutilated Quartz pendant just arrived, nicely packaged and in great condition. I am very pleased. It took less time for it to get from Great Britain to New York than it did to get from New York to Wisconsin!

Thank you very much for the information concerning its properties. This is a gift for my mom, and I do hope she likes it. I think it is a pretty stone. I feel strong energy from it, and I hope that Mom will, too.

I see several other pendants on your website that I would like to have, and so as the budget allows, I will contact you in the future.

Thank you again - for everything.

Blessings to you,
P.S. - Wisconsin, USA

My package was received yesterday and I am so very happy with my purchases! Both bracelets are gorgeous! I am wearing the tourmaline and quartz today, together with the white agate bracelet from my first purchase. Quite stunning together!
Thank you again!
Have a wonderful day!
D.P. - Tennessee, USA

Just to inform you that the pendant arrived safely and to thank you for such a charming gift. My niece chose it herself for her 21st birthday present from me and is absolutely delighted. I'm so pleased to have discovered your website. With thanks, S.H. - Bedfordshire, UK

Dear Caryl , my pendant's arrived & I'm so delighted with it! It's very true to your photo of it, but with the added benefit of seeing the beauty of moonstone in 'real life'. It is also beautifully set in it's silver 'casing'.

Am considering leaving it outside to charge, under next week's full moon.
It's lovely Caryl & I wish all good things for you.........

From K.M. - Cheshire, UK

It was timely received and I love the two bracelets and necklace! Absolutely beautiful!!! I couldn't be more satisfied! And the enclosed descriptions of the gemstones and their healing powers was a very thoughtful addition! Thank you for such gorgeous jewelry and wonderful service!
D.P. - Tennessee, USA

I have just received the Amethyst necklace I ordered. It is absolutely beautiful and the perfect gift. Thank you and I hope you have an enjoyable and relaxing summer.

Best Wishes,
E.S. - West Midlands, UK

The bracelet is gorgeous - thank you so much!! Now I'd like to order two more... I can think of at least two friends who will love it as much as me!

Many thanks,

L.H. - Lincolnshire, UK

My order arrived the very next day (last Saturday) I was very impressed with your efficient service, so thank you very much. The angel was a gift for my daughter, I forwarded it to her straightaway, and she is in turn delighted. (Her first angel)

Kindest Regards

V.W. - Aberdeenshire, UK

the package has arrived safely and I am Just delighted with them – thank you so much.

I am S. W's friend; she recommended me to you and I am so glad she did!

N.P. - Surrey, UK

the necklace arrived safely and its absolutely beautiful- so very pretty. M... will love it! THANK YOU SO MUCH - i can always rely on you to make fantastic jewellery!
Many thanks,
will be in touch soon,
H.J. - Hertfordshire, UK

I have received my Red Jasper & Hematite Necklace today, it is beautiful and the jasper stones are such an unusual shape. Lovely Necklace thank you so much.
Also thank you for all the information about the stones

Best wishes

F.P. - Mid Glam, UK

Just confirming safe receipt of my order. Thank you, it looks lovely and I'm really happy I spotted your site via google. I had a good feeling about it and it paid off.
Love and light
J.T. - Bedfordshire, UK

I just received my moonstone pendant and I love it. I actually spent some time shopping around before making my selection and I'm very happy with my result.

thank you

Yours Truly,
N.K. - California, USA

Dear Caryl,
when I tried to specify what I had in mind I didn't know exactly what it it was, but now when I see what you made, it is exactly what I hoped for:) It is perfect! You are really an Angel.
Thank You!
L.C. - Bratislava, Slovakia

Hi there Caryl, I received my order this morning. I'm really pleased with all of the items and the way in which every piece is beautifully and carefully presented and with the individual information. The stones look great and thank you for such care and attention and for giving them positive vibes through Reiki. I'm thrilled and I'm admiring them even more than on the website. I was pleasantly surprised with the keyrings especially as they are so dainty and well finished. The charm also is smaller than I thought and so I'm really pleased...
While I was on your website I decided to buy other gifts for my nearest and dearest and a couple for myself. Its been inspiring to find out about this. Thanks so much for providing a wonderful service. :) L.M. - Glasgow, UK

It (the necklace) works so perfectly. Another incredible creation!! Like the bracelet it feels like it's meant to be there. And indeed inseparable.

Your intuitive ability is incredible. I guess put that together with your eye for design and your flow for reiki, the end product is stunning jewellery unique to the wearer that looks like the wearer feels it should look, not like the wearer thinks it should look and therefore is ideal and timeless. It will go with every outfit, suite every occasion. Just like perfect jewellery is meant to, but because it's made with healing stones, it's beneficial too.

I look forward very much to being in touch in the future.

Fondest Regards,

N.R. - London, UK

What amazing delivery time! And, WOW, what beautiful earrings. This is my fifth order and I am always delighted. Thanks for the joy from your lovely jewellery.
L.B. - Down, Ireland

I just had to drop you a quick line to say thankyou for the beautiful earrings I received last week. The Moonstone and Sodalite were both lovely, but the Iolite were just stunning! absolutely beautiful, thankyou.

Kind regards
S.G. - Kent, UK

I just wanted to write and say thank you so much for your work on the bracelet. It's so beautiful.

At first glance the stones look so perfect they don't look real, but they feel so comfortable and 'feels' like part of me. My husband has had it in his work bag since you sent it so there's him in there too.

It's feels so right.

I hope you had a lovely Christmas and have a happy New Year.

Many thanks again.

N.R. - Hampshire, UK

Hi Caryl, I received the pendant today and it is so beautiful. It has been greatly admired by some of my work colleagues. Thank you so much. I will be in contact soon again for a gift for my wonderful mum for her birthday. Wishing you continued success. Kind regards, M.G. - Hertfordshire, UK

Oh my G-d, Caryl, THIS is THE most BEAUTIFUL necklace ever ever ever!!!!!!!

I am stunned by it!!!! And I feel emotional! I feel it brings up major, major past life joys and powers, and zaps me into NOW just incredibly, with future joys sparking out of it!!!! I cannot express to you how absolutely GORGEOUS this is!!! And if feels so completely right. Just divine, as though you truly channeled the Source of All Life right into this. I am near tears with happiness!!!!!

I cannot wait to wear it, I am absolutely enriched and the luckiest woman ever!

You are working your healing energy so purely here, thank you Caryl, thank you!!!!!

much, much love to you,
E.C. - Connecticut, USA

I received my custom bracelet yesterday. It's absolutely beautiful! The colours are just perfect - so joyous, just what I wanted! I love wearing it, and can't stop looking at it! So thank you so much! I also kind of 'feel' it on my wrist (it's sort of tingly), and I had the same experience with the agate one that J bought me, I'm sure it will wear off but I like it, it feels like it's interacting with me or something (if you know what I mean?).

Many, many thanks again!

All best wishes,

S.F. - London, UK

Thanks so much for the lovely packaging! It came so quickly! Must be the reiki energy. I immediately started to use the tourmaline pendant. They are all so lovely!
Many thanks
F.D. - West Midlands, UK

Oh Caryl!

You have outdone yourself! I just saw the photo of the 15 inch bracelet...and it made my heart skip! It's perfect! And it "feels" right. I am so excited!

K.P. - Dublin, Ireland

Dearest Caryl,
your beautiful necklace arrived-we just got the mail and I am wearing it now and adore it, also really like the lovely box and little explanation cards-how considerate!
Thank you and have a wonderful weekend,
M.S. - Virginia, USA

The necklace and bracelet arrived safely ...... I am DELIGHTED with them - perfect.. M will wear it all the time, and will add a pendant on longer silver chain each day. You got me lovely stones, and not too big ... it looks even better than in the photo!

Thank you

love and light,

H.J. - Hertfordshire, UK

I received my necklace this morning and it is absolutely gorgeous. I am thrilled with it an am sure I will get many days of pleasure wearing it.

Thank you for such a beautiful piece of jewellery.

With warmest regards
G.H. - Merseyside, UK

I just wanted to let you know that the bracelet I ordered last week arrived safely. Thank you very much for despatching it so quickly.

I just wanted to add that the bracelet (labradorite and rainbow moonstone) is beautiful - I'm really pleased and am sure the recipient will love it. I will definitely be ordering from you again.

Thanks again

Best Wishes

R.P. - Northamptonshire, UK

Caryl, jewellery is GORGEOUS!!! I LOVE IT!! It's just perfect! Thank you so much! I can't wait to wear it!


K.P. - Dublin, Ireland

I'm just letting you know the pendant I ordered from you has arrived safely!

I have to say, it is absolutely gorgeous, even better than in the photograph. I bought it for my sister's upcoming birthday; she's really into the goddess Persephone, especially her dark aspect so I was blindly searching for something I could link to her.
I had never heard of rutilated quartz before but it was one of the first things I saw when I found your website on the search engine. As soon as I saw the pendant I knew it was what I was looking for - the shadowy colours and the silver frame immediately made me think of a mirror to the Underworld. Weird huh? I'm going to slip your business card to my sister so she can return the favour when it's my birthday hehehe!

Kindest regards and a million thanks!

K.P. - West Yorkshire, UK

Dear Caryl - My agate bangle has arrived safely and I am delighted. Your quick and personal mailing service is excellent and I shall be ordering again soon - All the best P.B. - Lancashire, UK

Thank You so very much for the black tourmaline earrings! They arrived yesterday,you ship items very quickly and I appreciate it very much. I have your website bookmarked and will choose to order from you first. Thank you,again!

C.C. - Texas, USA

We had a wonderful wedding and I can't tell you how many complimentary comments I got about the beautiful jewellery you made.
It's hard to believe that you made them not knowing what my dress and veil were like, no one would ever believe I don't think that you didn't make them especially for my dress. Apparently the necklace was sparkling a lot as I walked down the aisle!

Thank you so so much!

S.O. - London, UK

Dear Caryl,

The pendant you made specially for me to give my mother arrived safely this morning. I am very pleased with it and can’t believe you made something so beautiful so quickly! I am so looking forward to giving it to her – it will mean a lot.

H.B. - Essex, UK

I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful hematite earrings! Very impressive, fast shipment. Thank you, again!!

C.C. - Texas, USA

I have received the new bracelet today, thank you very much!!! It is absolutely lovely and perfect for me!

Kind regards,

E.S. - West Sussex, UK

I received my Malachite pendant this morning, I am absolutely delighted with it. Thank you very much, I shall be looking at your web site regularly in future.

Every Blessing

E.D. - West Midlands, UK

Thank you for my earrings which have just arrived. They are just what I wanted. Fabulous service, too!

J.A. - North Lanarkshire, UK

Just to let you know that my package containing 3 pairs of earrings arrived safely. They are beautiful and I shall certainly be ordering more colours very soon.

Thank you.

C.N. - Gloucester, UK

Hi caryl, received my bronzite earrings and I love them to bits. They match perfectly with a silver and bronzite ring I have. Thanks for a quick and efficient service as well. Blessings to you, from C.M. - West Sussex, UK

Chakra necklace received today, Thursday. Excellent service, thank you so much. I have purchased this as a 40th birthday present for my dearest friend, who is also a Reiki master, so it seems an appropriate gift. I am very pleased with it, always a bit of a risk buying over the internet sight unseen, but I hope she will be delighted with it.
C.M. - Berkshire, UK

I received my bracelet this morning. Thanks very much for the speedy delivery. I am very happy with it as I picked it more for the properties of the stones than its looks but as it's so pretty and delicate I love it!

Many thanks again and all best wishes,
S.F. - London, UK

Very many thanks again Caryl - my bracelet has arrived and I'm delighted, it's lovely. Have been recommending your site to friends.

Kind regards

K.M. - Berkshire, UK

Thanks I received my jewellery and they are wonderful!

M.K. - Muharraq, Bahrain

Thank you - I have received the bracelet and it's lovely. A present for my sister's birthday - but I want one myself now! Will be back shortly to order one!

Kind regards and best wishes for 2009

K.M. - Berkshire, UK

Gemstone all received fine! Thank you very much for a quality item. I'm sure my mum will like it very much!

Kind Regards,

B.P. - Hampshire, UK

p.s. Merry Christmas!

They arrived safe and sound and are simply perfect.. exactly what I have been looking for, the stones are beautiful and they hang perfectly, they will be treasured.
Thankyou for all your help, it has been a pleasure.
Kind regards
J.P. - Hertfordshire, UK

I received my bracelets today and I cannot tell you thank you enough.  They are beautiful and I have gotten some very wonderful compliments on the bracelets.  Thank you so much I appreciate the hard work you put into them..  they are just gorgeous.  Thank you Thank you Thank you..

F.M. - New Mexico, USA

Hey Caryl, the necklace arrived today. It was even more beautiful than the picture and had exactly the right energy as well, i am sure she will love it. i will definitely be coming back to you soon. maybe for something for myself?
Thanks again for all your time, help and beautiful talent.
Luz y Amor
S.F. - London, UK

Hello! Just to say that my piece arrived this morning and i love it thank you so much. The pictures don't do it justice. I will definitely be coming back for more! Thanks again,

J.R. - Worcestershire, UK

Just by way of confirmation I received yesterday the bracelet which I ordered, which I have to say is very beautiful. I bought the gift for my mum and I am sure she will enjoy wearing it.

I'll definitely be ordering more jewellery from your lovely website.

Many thanks.

K.R. - Lancashire, UK

It is P... again, the parcel with the lapis lazuli and malachite bracelet came this morning. Thank you again for being so reliable I am sure my daughter-in-law in Aberdeen will love it.
P.G. - Nottinghamshire, UK

All safely received and very much enjoyed!! Beautiful workmanship and they all feel very special. Many, many thanks

V.M. - Surrey, UK

I absolutely LOVE the earrings! They are much nicer than what I had in my mind. Thank you very much! The photos are all lovely thank you for sending them.

Kind regards,
S.O. - London, UK

My order arrived today, thank you. As with my previous orders the pictures don't do them justice and I love the "wow" factor when I open the box. The bulls-eye agate earrings have a lovely energy, calming yet strong.

Love and light,

L.B. - Down, UK

I received my earrings yesterday. They are really pretty. I just wanted to say that service and speed at which I got them was brilliant.


S.G. - Glasgow, Scotland

just to let you know, i got my pendant in the mail this morning.
it is stunning !
thank you very much.
when i held it in my palm...i felt a warm soft tingle.....
i now have it round my neck.
ill be back for the amazonite soon .
R.W. - West Yorkshire, UK

Order arrived today, superb delivery time. Bronzite bracelet is lovely. not a crystal I have used or worn before so a new strength to learn from. Very pleased and will certainly order again.Thank you.
Love and light,
L.B. - County Down, UK

I received my bangle yesterday and I love it! I find it so hard to get bangles small enough but it's a perfect fit. I'll be revisiting your site again for sure.

Thank you once again,

J.D. - Berkshire, UK

I received the gemstone jewellery this morning and I am very pleased with the item. It will be perfect for my mum's 60th birthday next week.

Many Thanks

E.W. - Cumbria, UK

Received my bracelets the other day and they are wonderful! They are the perfect fit too. Thanks again. I will be in touch.

Best Wishes,

M.S. - Florida, USA

I received my order this morning. Thank you for the lovely presentation with the gemstone information enclosed. The gifts are for my sister (a Gemini) and the sentiments fit her exactly!
Thanks again, I will definitely be ordering again.
Kind Regards,
L.S. - Yorkshire, UK

Wow! Hi Caryl, it is absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much. The whole process was really quick and you have been very kind and friendly throughout. I love the bracelet, it is even better than what I had in mind. I've only had it one day and already 2 people have admired it and asked where its from. Which is lovely because when they ask it gives me an opportunity to talk about my baby. And recommend you of course!
Thank you so much. I'm sure I'll be back on your site for birthday presents etc! (and maybe more treats for me!)
This bracelet, and your service has brought me happiness in what is a very difficult time. Thank you.
D.M. - Yorkshire, UK

The necklace arrived this morning and its beautiful - exactly what i wanted and I felt a really strong energy from the crystals the INSTANT i picked it up - I am so grateful - many thanks.

C.D. - Kent, UK

Thank you for the bracelet I just received - it is simply gorgeous and I am delighted with your service! I will definitely recommend your online store and shall come back myself!

My best regards,
O.K. - London, UK

The pendant has arrived safely and I am really pleased with it. I shall definitely buy more from you in the future.
Many, many thanks,
S.H. - Surrey, UK

Hello Caryl, both pendants arrived safe and sound and I am wearing both of them now. They are absolutely beautiful and thank you for your kind attention. I am a very happy customer indeed.

K.M. - Suffolk, UK

Hello Caryl, the pendants arrived safe and sound this morning beautifully packaged. Thank you so much for all the care and attention you obviously put in to all you do. I hope the reiki energy lasts until February! I have to admit that I did look at them and I am so pleased I picked them as a birthday present as they are very, very beautiful.

Thank you once again for your care.

Hugs, love, blessings and light

K.M. - Suffolk, UK

Many thanks for my order which arrived very promptly.  They are much admired and appreciated by my wife. A great Xmas gift.
Seasonal greetings to you.
J.M. - Inverness-shire, UK

the 3 pendants were safely delivered... We think the Prehnite pendant is a very unique combination of a specific stone and design... Once again, we really appreciate the kind of approach you've taken in your creations. Much success in the future as well!

Also, thank you very much for the info about tuning into the gemstones' "energetical" properties...

Kind regards,
A.L. - Cleveland, UK

Thank you Caryl, order arrived today and a perfect match with a necklace my wife has.

Can I also congratulate you on your web site one of the better jewellery sites I have visited.

Kind regards
P.B. - Surrey, UK

the package was delivered and we are very happy with the items. We are really charmed by the way you create your jewelry artworks.
Beauty and simplicity...
allowing the uniqueness of the particular gem to really stand out. Much success with your future pieces!)....

Thank You very much
& a Great Christmas / New Years' Time!

A.L. - Cleveland, UK

It arrived safely today and it is absolutely beautiful, it looked great on the website, but it is just so much more gorgeous in real life! Thankyou very very much, I will definitely buy loads from you in future!
M.W. - Hertfordshire, UK

Thank you for the quick delivery.  :o)

The Turquoise, Amethyst & Lapis Lazuli bracelet arrived the day after I received the confirmation of dispatch... The bracelet is absolutely wonderful and I look forward to giving it to my special someone as a gift. I should be in touch in the future to make an order for myself. ;o)

Thank you again,
D.B. - Ross-Shire, UK

Just to let you know that your package arrived Wednesday... I am very chuffed with the jewellery - one is a present and one is for me (hooray!) So I'm very happy with both.
L.L. - Norfolk, UK

hi thank you very much for the lovely jewellery i have brought from you the jade bangle & watch was beautiful i will be back & thanks for getting it to me so quickly many thanks - p.b. - West Sussex, UK

Dear Caryl,

Just to let you know that I wear your necklaces almost every day. Love them!
C.S. - Sweden

Subject: The Watch is beautiful!!!

I received this beautiful watch the other day I have been showing it off........ It is very very nice I love it. I can wear it with just about anything with all the colors. Thank you so much it was well worth the wait. Now i need a necklace to go with the watch and earring they are fabulous as well.

Take care
N.M. - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

My beautiful sodalite pendant has just arrived - it's absolutely gorgeous. I love the idea that you your jewellery is charged with Reiki energy as it's being made, it makes it all the more special.
Many thanks also for such prompt service.

Best wishes
P.S. - Wiltshire, UK

Just to let you know the wrap necklace & earrings arrived safely also the pendant. Thank you so much for making the earrings to match the necklace. I am absolutely thrilled as everything is so beautiful.

Many thanks

J.E. - Cornwall, UK

just letting you know I received my bracelet this morning and I'm thrilled with it!! its beautiful

as soon as i put it on i felt the healing energy from it. very soothing indeed.

thankyou so much for making me my special charms of light bracelet its wonderful. feels so right for me.

i will be sure to recommend you to all my family and friends and clients

and i will look forward to buying some new charms of light soon.

brightest blessings

D.S. xx - Merseyside, UK

I received my beautiful pendant a few days ago.  Thank you so much !  It is wonderful. The chain that you picked out for it compliments the setting beautifully. I take it off to shower, but that’s about it. I wear it nearly everyday. It is a part of me and we’re quite happy together!

Thank you so much!

B.H. - Idaho, USA

RE: Amethyst & Aquamarine Bracelet CB045

The bracelet arrived this morning. It feels very light and bright and lovely.

Thank you very much.

Be Well

G.R. - London, UK

The earrings are smashing, just what I wanted, they go perfectly with a necklace I have, also made up of lots of semi precious stones, i’ve been looking for ages for something to match.

Thanks again.

H.G. - Derbyshire, UK

Caryl - thank you so much for my session with you this morning.  Sorry it took me so long to decide, everything is so beautiful, it was a difficult decision, but I am sure I have made the correct choice with help from yourself, thank you.

I have looked at your website, very interesting and informative, will have to come along and choose some more soon.

Again, thank you for your time, patience, knowledge and enthusiasm.


M.B. - Buckinghamshire, UK

I love your website, Your gemstones are just lovely, and you are the perfect person to sell it.


S.D.P. - New York, USA

I love seeing your web page monthly.  I do wear the three gems you sold me regularly.  The lapis in particular gets a lot of compliments. 

A.G. - New York, USA

Caryl, I wear your pendants with such joy.  Be well.  xoxox a.g. - New York, USA

Have been wearing all your designs and so many people have complimented me and asked where they could get them from.

Many hugs and smiles,

J.G. - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Just to say how much i appreciate your sending my beautiful pendant so quickly. The stripes matches my ring. I love it.

Decided to search different pendants. The jewellery is gorgeous!! I'm really glad i discovered your website.

Will come back again soon. Thanks for your kindness and for being there.

Many Blessings,

E.B. - New York, USA

Thank you for all your time and effort.  I will pass on your web site to my family and friends if that is OK with you.

Thanks again,

A.B. - New Jersey, USA

I am amazed at how many different things a gemstone can do.

Not that I am 'into' gems etc, I found that it was really informative.


W.R. - New South Wales, Australia