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Intuitive Consultations & Guidance

"I am here to help you awaken to who you are! Allow me to help you to help yourself." ~ Caryl

Your intuitive consultation and guidance session is completely tailored to you and what it is that you need.

Being intuitive means that I have many different sources working with me to help people move onwards and upwards in their lives. I draw on my skills and many years of experience, including working with your angels and guides, in addition to yourself, to help uncover who you really are. I listen to you and your questions, and then will go on to help you understand the answers, opening up the energy needed to make the most of YOU and what makes you happy.

An intuitive consultation will help you to get a better balance of energy flow within your life, so that you can live it in a healthy and positive way.  I listen to you and tune in to your energy.   I offer suggestions and advice on how to deal with particular issues, and help you to identify the areas in your life that need a better energy balance.  Where there are specific blocks identified, I draw on a wealth of experience in different healing techniques that will help to clear them.

Each case is different and the tools that are used to help each individual are different - your consultation may include one, or more, of the following:

  • Reiki healing
  • Angelic healing
  • Angel card reading
  • Gemstones

The one thing that remains the same for everyone is that I always work from a place of Light and Love.

My focus is to help you to be at peace with the real YOU.  Finding the love and the joy of who you really are can help you realise and utilise the best of who you are!

The length of a consultation depends entirely on your needs. Sessions can be requested by telephone/on-line or in-person.  A land-line telephone number, or preferably Skype, is required for all telephone/on-line sessions.

For more information, please contact me



Your 90 minute consultation includes initial discussion, any healing modalities required for your session, and feedback.  To book your session, you can use my Online Booking Service.

Intuitive Consultation (90 minute session) = £150

For telephone consultations, you will be contacted by email to arrange your session, or you can use my Online Booking Service.  A land-line telephone number, or preferably Skype, is required for telephone sessions.

Please contact me for in-person consultations.



"My dearest Caryl,
This message will, in no way, express the gratitude that I have for you, but I hope that it goes someway there.
The gratitude, a huge thank-you, is for the time we recently spent together and the healing. I don't wish to go into details as it's not important, but everything that came to the surface that day had to be cleared. I felt like I hadn't felt in years - so vulnerable and afraid - but your support gave me the strength.
My Dear Caryl, thank you doesn't seem enough, because I know that you have truly freed me.
You will always remain in my heart.
With love and hugs,"
T.T. - Buckinghamshire, UK