Caryl Haxworth ~ Charms Of Light


Energy Healing

Healing is wholeness.  It encompasses our whole essence—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  All healing comes from within and can be initiated from an outside source, which serves to set the healing process in motion.  This outside source can appear in many forms, including; Sound, Sense of Touch, and Sense of Sight.  No matter which source you use in your own healing, it is all Energy.

Below, you will find links to different healing energies.  I have tried to make the explanations of each, as simple as possible to understand.


Chakra Layout

Chakra Healing

Find out about which Chakras govern which parts of our bodies.

Colour Wheel

Colour Healing

Find out about which colours govern our chakras.

Did you know that a particular colour is associated with your birth month?


Healing Gemstones

Gemstone Healing

Find out about the special healing properties of the different gemstones.

Healing hands

Reiki Energy

Find out more about Reiki - what it is, how it works and Reiki attunements.