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General Healing, Advice & Guidance

Advice & General GuidanceI receive daily emails requesting healing, advice and guidance.  Whilst I am more than happy to offer these, my own guidance reminds me that it is important to receive also.  I want to be able to help people of all circumstances, yet it is still important (on an energy level) for me to receive for something I give, including my time.  In addition, I believe it is just as important for the person receiving to give something for what they receive.  A good balance of energy is the best way to achieve healing on all levels.

Therefore, there is no purchase price set for general advice and guidance. In addition, there is no purchase price set for general healing which I send out on a regular basis. Instead, you are requested to offer an energy exchange by investing the amount you feel you are able. Please also peruse the 'Free Resources' section of this website, for more healing information.

Love & blessings,
Caryl ♥


With all advice and guidance - whether for customised jewellery, or gemstone recommendations - I use my intuitive skills to focus in on the energy of the person, people and/or situation in question, to seek the guidance that is required.  There is no diagnosing involved and any advice given is for the highest good of all concerned.

As in all my healing treatments, I use spiritual / angelic guidance and will often add different energies where needed. Energy healing treatments may be perceived or felt in a variety of ways such as: heat, tingling, a chill, pulsating or vibration. The experience is different for everyone. There is no diagnosing involved and any advice given is for the highest good of all concerned.

For more in-depth guidance and consultations, I also offer individual Intuitive Consultations & Guidance Sessions.

For a more in-depth healing session, please book a Distant Reiki Healing session.


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*Please note, you are investing GBP (UK pounds sterling).  Use this International Money Converter as a guide if needed.

When you have made your investment, I will contact you by email, usually within 72 hours (Mon-Fri) wherever possible.  If you are investing in healing/guidance already given, I thank you.